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Every step we take towards a cleaner, greener future counts. At Mars Green Consulting, we want to help make a sustainable future a reality. Whether it's a home energy audit, or planning a multi-megawatt solar installation, Mars Green Consulting can help you get there.

Renewable Energy anywhere

Renewable energy solutions to meet your needs
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Areas of Expertise

With over 10 years' of experience in renewable energy and sustainability, Mars Green Consulting has a breadth of knowledge that can help make your project a success.

Energy Simulations

Expertise with industry leading modeling software, including PVSyst, RETScreen, HelioScope, and more.

Systems Design

From home designs to commercial scale to utility, Mars Green and our team of partners can get you there.

Feasibility Studies

We'll combine the energy and financial aspects of the project, personalized to your area, to see what renewable energy options are right for you.

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consulting

Expertise in silicon solar cell manufacturing, with emphasis on wet chemical processing, patterning techniques, metal plating, and cell characterization and trouble-shooting.

Speaking Engagements

Talks on working in STEM, Women in Engineering, Photovoltaics, Sustainability, Careers, Mars Mission Simulations, and Leadership and Teamwork. 


Mars Green Consulting was founded by Dr. Martha Lenio for the purpose of working on interesting renewable energy projects in Canada. Her experience in the world of solar energy and sustainability has taken her from doing photovoltaic research in Australia, to silicon solar cell R&D in California, to living on off-grid renewable power as part of a Mars simulation, and now back to Canada to share her knowledge and passion for sustainable living. Mars Green Consulting is proud of its track-record of projects in the North working alongside Solvest, as well as it's exploratory work on renewable grids in the Caribbean with RALOS.

You can read more about her past experiences here.

You can read her publications here.

Mars Green is here to help

With completed projects ranging from home energy audits in Waterloo to utility-scale PV modeling for the Yukon, Mars Green Consulting has a lot of experience to share. Our network of contacts within the industry is extensive and ever expanding. 

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